Like most schools, we love putting on a show, combining the talents and efforts of children right across the school. During this current academic year, the whole school came together to celebrate Harvest Festival whilst at Christmas, the last week of term was filled with performances of the Key Stage One and Key Stage Two Christmas productions. At the end of the summer term, we look forward to seeing the Year 6 production.

A lot of hard work goes into these productions and when possible and appropriate, we’d like to celebrate some of those moments! On this page, you can see pictures and videos from performances over the past few years. We hope you enjoy the clips provided as much as we loved doing the show!

This video is taken from Key Stage Two’s Christmas Production 2013 and features singing, dancing Christmas trees!


This video also comes from a Key Stage Two Christmas Production, this time in 2014. The clip features two Year 5 soloists before the chorus joins in for the second verse and chorus.

This page will also keep you up to date as to where and when the next school performances are so stay tuned!

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