Music Assemblies



At Farsley Farfield Primary School, the children take part in a 30 minute music assembly as a key stage. Key Stage One meet on Thursday afternoons and Key Stage Two in the mornings. The aim of the assemblies is to compliment in class music teaching by allowing children to listen to a wide variety of music and encourage them to comment on whether they like or dislike the music and why. Children are empowered to use musical terminology to describe the different music elements.

Whilst also listening to different genres of music, children learn how to  warm up vocally, sing in unison and harmonies and are encouraged to use their knowledge of the elements of music to rearrange songs they learn each week. The children have opportunities to sing in rounds, a capella and perform on a weekly basis during the school’s Special Mention Assembly.

The songs sung are either taken from the Genre-Of-The-Half-Term genre or are chosen because of their links to the school’s Growth Mindset policy or Ethos Statement of the week. 

Look out for some recordings of the songs the children sing in our weekly blog posts!


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