Classical music is a form of art music which developed in Europe in the 1400s, over 600 years ago. Unlike many other different types of music, classical music is often written down on staff notation, a picture of which can be seen below.



There are many instruments used in classical music. Instruments are often sorted into families, based upon how the instrument is played or created. There are four main families: string, woodwind, brass and percussion. Instruments with strings that are plucked, picked, bowed or strummed are part of the string family. These include violin, guitar, harp, cello and many others. Brass instruments are ones made of brass such as trumpet, trombone and the tuba. Percussion instruments are ones which are hit or shaken to make sound whilst woodwind instruments are those which are blown to be played.

Knowing this information – what family of instruments do you think the piano belongs to?


Classical music has produced some of the world’s greatest ever composers such as Mozart, Beethoven and Vivaldi. Some of the music can be found in the link below. What do you think to this music? How does it make you feel?

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