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At Farsley Farfield Primary School, the children are given the opportunity to listen to a wide range of music. During Spring 2 of the 2014/2015 academic year, children were encouraged to listen to Blues music as part of the school’s music assemblies.

The Blues  began in 1920s southern United States of America and is closely related to jazz. This genre of music is named after what the initial songs’ subject matter, many singers singing about hard times and loved ones who have left them. Our children, upon hearing Robert Johnson’s Crossroads (an early blues song from the 1920s), commented that they could here “guitars screaming” and “it sounds like the singer is wailing!” Robert Johnson and many blues enthusiasts would agree with our children’s initial evaluation!

Blues developed into one of the most popular forms of music, combining voice, guitars, bass and drums. Some blues songs are written in a style called Twelve Bar Blues. This means that the structure is a set twelve bar pattern which repeats, often allowing for an instrumental break where a player gets a chance to improvise a solo.

Influential Artists and their Best Known Songs

Robert Johnson Crossroads

Elvis Presley Hound Dog

Etta James I’d Rather Go Blind

Stevie Ray Vaughan Pride and Joy

The playlist below shows off blues music, from its inception in the 1920s right up to the present day. What do you think of the blues? What instruments can you see/hear? Do you like Elvis?!?

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