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Bhangra is a genre of music combining the traditional music of the Punjab region of India and Pakistan with pop and rock music from the United Kingdom and United States of America.  It is a relatively new genre of music, developing in the 1980s around 30 years ago in London, the capital city of England. 

Bhangra music has developed into a largely beat based genre, dominated by percussion instruments (instruments which make a sound by being hit or scratched) such as the tabla, dhol, dhadd and damaru. Other instruments include the guitar, bass, sitar and the keyboard.  Like Jazz, Bhangra music is often danced along to due to its upbeat tempo and emphasis on rhythm and beats.

Because of its traditional links to the Punjab region, the lyrics to most Bhangra songs are mainly sung in Punjabi.

Influential Artists and their Best Known Compositions

Apna Sangeet Vaje

Panjabi MC Mundian To Bach Ke

Slumdog Millionaire Jai Ho

Jaat and Juliet Baaki Tan Bchaa Ho Giya


A playlist of Bhangra music can be found below. What do you think to this type of music? Would you like to dance along? What is the tempo of the songs you hear? What instruments can you see? Is this a type of music you would like to hear more of? Are there any Bhangra songs that should be added to the playlist? Be the expert!


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