A Capella



At Farsley Farfield Primary School, the children are introduced to a new genre every half term. The genre we are looking at this half term is a capella. A capella is an Italian word that means in the manner of chapel. It has become to mean singing without instrumentation.

A capella music was often found in choral singing within the Christian Church. Recently, the style of music has been adapted to introduce features such as beat-boxing (creating a drum beat with your voice). At the beginning of singing assemblies in Key Stage Two, all children sing a capella during our vocal warm ups. (Think – is there any music that you sing Boom Chicka Boom to?)

Singing in a capella often involves singing in different parts and not singing the exact same thing as somebody else who is part of your performance. All of the tracks in the embedded playlist below are performed a capella. They are performed by large and small groups. Singing and listening to solo a capella (one person singing on their own) can be very powerful.

What do you think to a capella music? What songs do you think would work well without any instruments?


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