Boomwhacking…I beg your pardon?!?!?!

Tuesday 9th February | 1 comment





Year 4 children have been given the opportunity to learn how to play boomwhackers. Boomwhackers are tuned percussion instruments, tuned to a particular note. The longer the boomwhacker, the lower the pitch of the note when it is boomed…or whacked. The boomwhacker can be played by tapping it against your hand, whacking it against the floor, or booming two boomwhackers together!

Today, groups of Year 4 children demonstrated their knowledge of boomwhackers in a wonderful assembly this morning. What do you think of our boomwhacking?!?!?

One response to “Boomwhacking…I beg your pardon?!?!?!”

  1. Peter Harris says:

    This made me smile! I like the choreography and the movement as well as the Boomwhacking music. To think you had only practised this for a few weeks. Well done!

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