Living and Learning

Thursday 28th January | 8 comments

music learning

In Key Stage Two, the children have begun learning the song Living and Learning. They were introduced to the song last week using a backing track but this week tried singing the song at a slower tempo with Mr Sharp playing guitar.

The video can be seen below – think of it like the first draft in a piece of writing. We get the opportunities to go back and improve what we have done. It’s the same with music and songs so what do you think? What have we done well? What do we need to improve upon? Get your suggestions in and we can work on them next week!


8 responses to “Living and Learning”

  1. iwona jesmontowicz says:

    Fabulous job!

  2. Chloe A says:

    Brilliant first draft. Keep practising – and smile! That will show on your faces and in your singing.

  3. Ellen (Rhys and Erin's mum) says:

    What a lovely song. You did really well as the chorus had lots of words to fit in. Practice makes perfect. You could see everyone concentrating really hard on the words. Once the words become easier, I’m sure there will be lots more smiles and maybe even some swaying or clapping too! Well done so far.

  4. Zoe (Ruby's mum) says:

    Well done good job! I agree with Chloe. ..I’d love to see some more lovely smiles please and maybe open your mouths a bit more when you sing so the words can be heard even better. ..but I think you have all done really well.

  5. Nij (Dhaya's Mum) says:

    Well done to everyone you sound fantastic !!

  6. Davina (Keiva's Mum) says:

    Wonderful singing- the voices of angels! However, one teeeny tiiiny thing to work on- more smiles please, and maybe some hand/ arm dancing or swaying?!? Great job though, and well done teachers too!

  7. Macey says:

    I was at school council so I didn’t do this. I can see people talking and messing about. If those people sing up then the song would sound better.
    I love this song!

  8. Sarah (Heather's Mum) says:

    What a fantastic effort from everyone, you’re all doing a such a great job of remembering a lot of words.
    Like some of the other comments say please, please smile. When you smile it changes the shape of your mouth so that we can all hear the words and your lovely voices clearly, plus there’s nothing better for us than to see how much you are all enjoying the music. It’s so much fun singing and it would be lovely to see you all swaying to the music or having actions to do so that we can all see how much you are enjoying it.

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